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Virginia Beach Garage Door Motor Repair

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A garage door opener motor must be very quiet, so you won’t bother people each time the garage door opens. The motor of the power unit of an electricity-powered garage door opener, to be of excellent quality, must be ultimately quiet. Here at Eagle Garage Door Co., we’ll quickly and professionally repair your garage door motor correctly. You can completely count on our garage door motors to be tough and reliable.

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Besides motor repair, Eagle Garage Door Co. offers numerous affordable garage door motor services to the customers of Virginia Beach, Virginia:

  • garage door motor repair
  • remote-controlled garage door opener services
  • garage door opener replacement
  • 25-point safety inspection
  • remote lock-out feature
  • automatic courtesy light
  • garage door opener installation

Eagle Garage Door Co.’s staff mobile garage door repair specialists will properly repair your garage door opener motor, demonstrating and testing to your satisfaction before we know the job’s done.

If there’s anything else needing repair, we’re available to respond immediately 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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